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Because you will be providing confidential information about yourself while completing this application, be sure to protect your personal data by closing the browser when you are finished. In addition, do not set a bookmark for application pages.


As an agency of the State of Illinois, ISAC has partnered with Entrust, Inc. to make this online application possible. Depending on your computer's configuration, you may be prompted to download the Java virtual machine component and, an Entrust Applet up to two times. If you choose to complete this application, these downloads must be performed when prompted. If you are attempting to complete this application at a shared PC that does not allow downloads to be performed, you will be unable to proceed.


To ensure successful submission of your application, you must use one of the following browsers:

. Internet Explorer (versions 5.5 - 11.0)

A browser check will automatically be performed when the below Obtain ID or Log On buttons are selected. If your browser is not compatible with this application, you will receive a message indicating you cannot continue without a compatible browser.


In order to access and submit an application, you must first obtain a State of Illinois Digital ID.  The Digital ID serves as your electronic signature, which allows you to complete your application online (rather than physically signing a paper document).

GENERAL INFORMATION (select if you have not yet obtained a State of Illinois Digital ID)
ACCESSING THE APPLICATION (select if you currently have a valid State of Illinois Digital ID)


If you choose to request a State of Illinois Digital ID, your request will be processed using a comprehensive system known as public-key infrastructure (PKI). After completing a registration process, you will be issued a digital ID (also known as a digital certificate) that will enable you to digitally sign forms and applications. Because the digital ID has legal signature authority, you should never share the User Name or Password obtained during the digital ID process.

For a more detailed explanation of the State of Illinois Digital ID process, click on the appropriate link(s) below.

What is public-key infrastructure (PKI)?
What are some frequently asked questions about PKI?


If you wish to continue, select the "Obtain ID" button below. A new browser window will be launched and you will be taken to the State of Illinois Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement, which you must accept in order to obtain a digital ID. If you are an Illinois resident, upon accepting the agreement, you will be taken to the State of Illinois Digital Identity Registration page. You will be prompted to enter the information needed to create your digital ID (you will need your valid Illinois Drivers License or State Identification Card). When you have finished entering all of your information, select the "Submit" button, and you will then receive an on-screen message indicating that you have completed the process. You can then close that browser window, and use the User Name and Password created during the digital ID process to complete your application at

NOTE: Before you submit your request for a digital ID, you will be given the option to prevent your name and address from being passed to other State applications. Whether or not you choose this option will not impact the ISAC application for which you are obtaining a digital ID.


Only Illinois residents are eligible to receive awards from the Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship programs. Applications submitted from non-Illinois residents will be denied. Illinois residency status must be certified by the college or university for all applicants.

To meet residency requirements, independent students [those who are not required to include their parent's information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form] must physically reside within the State of Illinois at the time the application is submitted, and have so resided for a period of 12 continuous, full months immediately prior to the start of the academic year at the school for which assistance is requested (contact the college or university where you plan to use the scholarship if you are uncertain about its academic year start date). Illinois must be the applicant's true, fixed and permanent home.

Dependent students meet residency requirements if their parent who is required to complete the FAFSA, based on that form's instructions, physically resides within the State of Illinois at the time the applicant's college or university certifies program eligibility, and Illinois is the parent's true, fixed and permanent home.


Once you have obtained a State of Illinois Digital ID, click on the Log On button at the bottom of this page to complete the application. You will need the User Name and Password you created when you requested your digital ID.